Redirections Farm, LLC

A place to help you find your direction!

Spring 2014 Facility Renovations

Due to the renovations and construction taking place at the farm our facility is temporarily closed to the public. Our instructors are glad to make arrangements to travel to you home or facility to provide lesson services. With the blessing of good weather we hope to resume our normal schedules soon.

Riding Lessons

Redirections Farm's goal is to be a place to find your direction through high quality, low pressure riding instruction whether you are just learning the basics or are an experienced horse person looking to perfect your skills.

We offer riding instruction and horse training with a focus on improving communication, confidence and balance while never forgetting that time spent with horses should always be a joy! All of our lessons have a strong base in Centered Riding and Classical Dressage principals regardless of level or discipline and our instructors are focused on building confidence, relaxation and self-awareness in their students and horses. 

Horse Training

At Redirections Farm we specialize in improving communication, confidence and balance using a blend of classical, natural and instinctive training methods for all levels and disciplines of horse and rider. 

Our customized training packages are designed to help you and your horse reach your full potential as a team for show, trail or pleasure and is focused on each horse as an individual to produce a quality, willing partner for life.

As our training programs are customized to meet you and your horses specific needs prices will vary. Please contact us to discuss your individual needs.

Prior to accepting any horse for training we require meeting with you and your horse for an evaluation. By meeting with you and your horse, seeing your interactions and discussing your goals we are better able to determine a customized training plan to meet your specific needs.

Equine Energy Medicine & Holistic Care

Details coming soon!

Clinics and Workshops

Details coming soon!